Strip 135 - "Alignment Tutorial - Part 1"

14th Feb 2015, 12:00 AM in Corvus Village
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DragonTrainer 14th Feb 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
Happy Valentine's Day! ^_^



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Raxon 14th Feb 2015, 2:32 AM edit delete reply
No, that was a pretty good description.

Allow me to share my own alignment chart.
Malroth 14th Feb 2015, 3:00 AM edit delete reply
someone needs to make an all raxon alignment chart
Raxon 14th Feb 2015, 8:20 AM edit delete reply
Heh. You totally could. Hell, you could build an entire chart based on the crap Raxon Dunwich has done. "They wanted less dragon rampage, so I sold them another dragon." "Violence isn't the answer. Violence is the question. The answer is yes." "Hey, I know you guys wanted me to stick to the duties you gave me in the war for the survival of the human race, but I sorta took a bunch of war trophies." "Hey, kid! You wanna buy a magic helm?" "Hey, you know how everyone's been denouncing you and the groups you represent over the past six months? Well, after you declared war on me and my family, I've been setting up illusions that only you can see. What you saw were horrible scenes that could be used as propaganda. What everyone else saw was normal photos of everyday life. Part of war is psychological. Gaslighting is simply a weapon to discredit my enemies." "Threaten my family, and I will end you." "Oh my goodness! Here, let me help! No, no charge. I just want to help." "I will wipe the elves from the face of the earth. I will destroy them all." "I am a force of nature. I am beyond your comprehension. I am to dragons, as they are to you."

Not all of these things are direct quotes, some merely sentiments. Some, on the other hand, are stories yet untold. The gaslighting and the trophies are kind of entertaining little tidbits.

There is a story about PETA and the ALF in there, too. Lemme tell you now. It gets pretty bad. The story involving trophies is actually much, much higher stakes, but more lighthearted.

The last quote is more or less a sentiment Rax had when dealing with any fae trying to defend elves. Oh, and the magic helm thing. Remind me to tell you about Raxon's attempt at direct market selling of magic items to kids. That one went poorly for him.
Book O Dragons 14th Feb 2015, 2:46 AM edit delete reply

LN: "The Law is harsh but it is the Law." City of Bones
Otaku 14th Feb 2015, 5:49 AM edit delete reply
"Paradox or Oxymoron"
This is going to sound like a joke, but given the setting, I was kind of wondering if the Stupid Alignments would be official.

Though slightly tongue in cheek as I say this, the most compelling alignments may be Stupid (Good), Stupid (Lawful), Stupid (Chaotic) and Stupid (Evil). There is so much of a mismatch with all the others, but these five are the ones that I have met (or at least seen from a safe distance) examples of that didn't require turning my head and squinting... or at least didn't require it in order to make things match.
NeoPhantom 14th Feb 2015, 3:30 PM edit delete reply

"Alignment Elements"
"Alignment Elements"

A few years ago, I made quite a complex graph detailing a vast majority of elements separated in separate groups: Physical, Property, Spiritual, Omniscient, Occasional, Dimensional, Primordial, Eventual.

Because of the sheer complexity of this graph, I'll only detail my findings ragarding the elements related to Alignments: the Omniscient Elements.

They compose half the Conscious Sphere, being the twin of the Spiritual Elements. While the spiritual elements create the Spiritual Plane of each person (their spiritual existence) the Omniscient Elements determine the conduct of the individual.

The Omniscient Elements can be divided in 10 opposite pairs which cancel each other out. The method is mostly simple, if you have an affinity with one element (say an affinity of 60% for "x" then you will have an affinity to it's twin element "y" by 40%. This leaves a 20% True affinity to element "x". The greater this percentage, the greater the chance that you will blindly follow that element. The closer to zero it is, the greater the chance of you to make use of its twin in times of great need. A 100% affinity to an Omniscient element makes the individual unstable to mortals, but a grand vassal towards their god.

The 10 Omniscient Pairs are:

Ethic: Havok VS Order

Moral: Amity VS Malice
This is a modification of Good and Evil, taking in consideration the reason behind the action and whether the person who did the action had a different motive. A hero who saved people for money does not have Amity Affinity. A villain who kills to save his friends does not have Malice Affinity.

Action: Astir VS Idle
Whether the individual is willing to intervene, or would rather turn their hands and not get involved. It is not Malice to not help when you know you will get killed, it is deplorably Idle, but not evil. But too much Astir can be bad as well as one may push their responsibility too far and cause many more problems than they solve with their actions.

Ego: Pride VS Demure
Pride and Humility may not seem likely candidates for alignments until you reason the fact that these can drastically change the actions of people. A hero with a cool head may hold his tongue to insult, but a hot blooded hero may do something he might regret if his pride is injured. At the greatest Pride Affinity.. . look at corrupted noblemen in most stories.

Drive: Instinct VS Ideal
To live each day following your instincts, what you see, what you hear... Or follow a great ideal which you deeply regard. Instinct may lead to separation from others due to your distrust of others whilst Ideal may cause friction if you impose it upon others.

Motive: Duty VS Gaety
For you or for another? Due to your will to help a friend or in order to help yourself? This pair encompass three of the cardinal sins (list, greed, envy). However, a perfect soldier who follows any order without question is not the best answer without a single care to his person is not the best either.

Promise: Karma VS Geis
A bit more abstract, but... Geis is a vow, a promise made that must be kept at any cost and will never be broken. Karma is the will of the person to break the promise if the situation is dire. A person with large mount of Karma is likely to break his promises more easily while a person of great Geis will keep his promise even if it will doom everyone in the universe.

Method: Dogma VS Equity
Simply put, do you see others as different beings that must be treated with prejudice or are you capable of treating everyone exactly the same even when its best to take into consideration the differences? Will you put a level 80 and a level 1 on a mission to kill an ancient demon of level 100? Or will you outright refuse the level 1 any request whatsoever regardless of difficulty due to him being weak?

Perception: Occult VS Honour
Due you prefer to hide in the darkness or follow a path visible to all? Are you a villain who with great Honour proclaims to the world his will to conquer it or are you a schemeing lord who controls the games to his own interests without alerting others of his presence? Are you a hero who walks around proclaiming your identity and your acts of heroism or are you the type to prefer to not receive rewards for actions you believe are natural?

Determinant: Loyalty VS Logic
This last pair has a great effect on the other elements of this Plane, as they determine the likelihood of the others changing their percentage of affinity. Even the most dutiful of guards may betray their lord if their loyalty falls due to the actions of said lord, no?

The name Omniscient comes from a theory I once thought of about the gods having selected a specific combination of Alignments in order to empower themselves with the energy from every individual who possesses said combination of alignment elements. Their religions being a method to cultivate the young to develop the type of affinity that will give them strength as well as eliminate others with vastly differing alignments in order to weaken other rivaling gods. Due to the nature of the gods, they all possess a single Alignment towards which they excibit complete loyalty with the exception of the minor gods of neutrality which may or may not be loyal to true neutrality of all Omniscient Elements.

This wall of text is a shortened version of the descriptions which were incomplete even back then. Hope you enjoyed reading them!
holywhippet 15th Feb 2015, 5:19 PM edit delete reply

I don't quite agree on the comment on true neutral being indifference. It could be that, or the person could feel a balance should be maintained.
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